Solidworks Tutorials 17: Revolved Cut Feature

Revolved cut feature is one of the very useful solidworks feature tool, which helps to remove materials from 3D models possess axis symmetry. Revolved cut removes materials by revolving a closed profile a along an axis. You can access this solidworks feature from both command manager and menubar. Extrude cut feature also helps to remove materials from 3D models, but only in linear manner.

The revolved cut solidworks feature is main applications is helps to make axis symmetric models of train wheels, stepped shafts, curved holes, piston ring seating etc. In the upcoming tutorials posts, I will include the application of each solidworks feature 3d models. click here to see more solidworks tutorials for beginners

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Let us learn how to use the revolved cut feature in solidworks.

How to Use Revolved Cut Feature

Here I am going create 3d cylinder with one end side internally stepped as shown in the figure below.

final 3d image - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

The dimensions are rough and you can select any dimension as your comfort.

Note: This is just tutorial showing how to use revolved cut tool, not showing any product drawing or designing in it. If you are advanced SolidWorks user please avoid it. This Solidworks tutorial is for beginners, students or people likes to learn about SolidWorks.

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Step 1 : Create New Part File

Open the Solidworks by double clicking on the icon from the desktop. Then open a new part file for creating sketches. If you don’t know it, read how to create new part file here. Select any plane (e.g. front plane) and normalize using “Normal To” button. Also Read SolidWorks Heads-up Toolbar on this blog.


Step 2: Draw Reference Axis

Go to sketch and select the line or centerline sketch tool from the sketch command manager. First draw a line through origin of your drawing part. There is no dimension restriction for this centerline. Draw a long one. Click here to see how to use line sketch tool

draw reference axis line in the sktech area - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Step 3: Sketch Profile for Cylinder by Revolved Boss/Base

Then you just create rough rectangle with one edge on the centerline as shown in the figure below. If you wish to give certain dimensions, use the smart dimensions from the sketch command manager.

draw reactangular profile for revolve boss - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Step 4: Use Revolved Boss/Base Feature

After sketching the rectangle, you just “exit the sketch”. Then go to feature command manager and click on the revolved boss/base feature. Select the axis line and then select the rectangular profile for creating 3d cylinder. To know more, Read How to Use Revolved boss/base feature

creating solid cylinder using solidworks revolved boss or base - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Step 5

Select the “front plane” from the Featuremanger design tree. Then click the mouse right button and click on the “Normal To” button.

select front plane for drawing profile on 3d solid cylinder - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Create a closed profile like on the below image.

closed profile draw for internal step cut using solidworks revolve cut feature - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Then exit the sketch and go to feature manager command manager. Select the “Sketch 2” in the Featuremanager design tree and select the “Revolved Cut” feature from the command manager.

select sketch and clcik on revolve cut button from command manager - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Here, I already drawn the profile through the centerline. So “Line [email protected]” automatically select as axis of revolution. You can see the preview of revolved cut feature in the below image.

apply solidworks revolve cut feature for step cutting - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

You adjust the revolution angle. Here I set “360 degree” for full revolution cut. Then click on the “green tick” button to complete the revolved cut.

The final image is shown below.

final image after revolved cut - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

Sectional View

section view of revolved cut solid cylider image - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorials

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Additional Info: Revolved Cut Property Manager

revolved cut property manager - how to use solidworks revolve cut feature tutorialsAxis of Revolution: This is reference axis which helps to revolve the sketch entity around it.

Direction 1 or 2: Here you can set the revolve cut type, reverse the direction and direction angle. The revolve types available are blind, up to surface, up to vertex, offset from surface and midplane.

Thin Feature: Here you can make thin revolve 3d models by setting small thickness. It contains one-direction, midplane and two-direction types available and also can revere the direction of thin feature application.

Selected Contours: If you have two or more closed contours around an axis. Using the selected contours, you can revolve the multiple sketches in one operation.

More Solidworks Tutorials are coming soon!

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