How to Create SolidWorks Spring CAD Model | SolidWorks Exercises

Welcome to SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners and you are going to create SolidWorks spring CAD model. Spring is one of the most useful part in every products or mechanical devices. Spring used in every industry in their various forms like open spring, closed spring, conical spring etc. For example, open spring is used in automotive suspension units and also used as vibration dampening devices. They have lot of application and because of that you should know how to model spring in SolidWorks CAD software. Checkout Best SolidWorks Training Materials here.

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How to Model SolidWorks Spring

Before going to SolidWorks tutorial, you should see the various important applications of Spring parts.

They are :-

  • Compression Spring:- Engines, Power tools, Medical instruments, Pen, Gun etc
  • Extension Spring: Vehicles, doors, toys, machinery, etc
  • Torsion spring: Clothspins, clocks, doors, watch etc

Here, you can see step by step SolidWorks Spring modelling tutorial with pictures and videos.

Step-1: New Part File

Open the SolidWorks and New part File. If you don’t know it, read how to create new part File. Select the Plane (e.g. Top Plane) and normalize using the “Normal To” Button.

create new part file for solidworks tutorials


Step-2: Draw Helix Curve

Go to Features Commandmanager, click on “Curves” and select “helix or Spiral” feature tool from the drop down menu.

select helix or spiral curves from curve feature command manager solidworks spring tutorial

It will direct you to Sketch interface where you have to draw a circle using “Circle Sketch Tool”.

draw circle sktech using circle sktech tool from sktech command manager solidworks spring tutorial

If you have particular dimension for your spring, apply the diameter for the circle using SmartDimesion Tool. Here I am not applying dimension.

Click on “Exit Sketch”.

exit sktech option before applying feature tools

Then you direct to Features interface where you can see the preview of helix curve. You have to set parameters on helix or spiral property manager.

create helix or spiral curve for making spring sktech

You can see the above image for parameter values. (Remember:- it is just a rough sketch for purpose of tutorial only).

Then click on the green tick button for applying the helix feature. You have created helix curve sketch for Solidworks Spring model.

Step 3:- Draw Spring cross section (circle) on End of Helix

Here you are making circular cross section spring model. So, you have to create circle sketch in one end of helix curve.

For that, you have to create reference plane perpendicular to curve at one end. This is very important step in making Solidworks spring cad model.

Let us see how it’s done.

Click on the one end of helix curve (say Point 1). Then, go to Features Commandmanager, click on “Reference Plane” and select “Plane”.

apply reference plane using plane for making sktech

Select the “point 1” as the First reference plane.

create perpendicular plane to make sketch for sweep prfile

The select “helix/spiral 1” as second reference.

select second refernce plane for spring cad tutorial

Then your plane will become perpendicular to curve and parallel and contact with point. Here you can make the spring cross section. Go to Sketch toolbar and select “Circle” tool and draw it.

apply normal to from the mouse right button click

draw circle at the end of helix for applying sweep boss

Step 4:- Apply Sweep Boss Feature for Creating Spring

Next step is to provide material or body to helix curve. Here you are going to use “Sweep boss or base feature tool”.

Go to features commandmanager, click on “Sweep Boss or base”.

select sweep boss or base from features commanad manager

Select “Sketch 3” as cross section for sweep boss.

select sketch profile for sweeping

Select sweep path as “helix/spiral 1”.

select sweep path line for sweeping action solidworks

You can see the preview of Solidworks spring cad model. Below shows the final spring cad model.

solidworks spring cad model final image

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