SolidWorks Tutorials 5: Arc Sketching Tool

The Arc sketching tool is one of the best tools to make arc profiles on Solidworks UI. This tool can access form both sketch command manager and tools menu. The arc tool contains 3 drawing methods. In this Solidworks Tutorial 5, you are going to see each arc sketching methods with images and also explained the full arc property manager.

Note: You can control the dimension of the arc by using “Arc Property manager” or using “Smart Dimension Tool”.

How to Use Arc Sketching Tools

There are 3 arc drawing methods available in the command manager. They are Centerpoint Arc, Tangent Arc and 3 Point Arc. . Each one of the methods is explained in step by step with images.

Note: This is just tutorial showing how to use Arc tool, not showing any product drawing or designing in it. If you are advanced SolidWorks user please avoid it. This Solidworks tutorial is for beginners, students or people likes to learn about SolidWorks. Checkout Best SolidWorks Training Materials here.

Watch This Arc Sketching Tool Video Tutorial:-

SolidWorks Tutorial 5: How to Draw Centerpoint Arc

Centerpoint arc is a curve or part of circle which is drawn by fixing the center point, start and end point of the arc. (total 3 points to setup needed to complete the arc).

Step 1

Open the Solidworks and New part File. If you don’t know it, read How to Create New Part File. Select the Plane (e.g. Top Plane) and normalize using the “Normal To” Button. Also See View Heads-up Toolbar in detail.

Step 2

solidworks centerpoint arc sketching step-2

From the command manager, you can see the “Centerpoint arc” tool button and click on to select it.

Step 3

solidworks centerpoint arc sketching step 3 centerpoint setup

Then drag your mouse pointer to sketch area and click anywhere to set the center point of the arc or curve. (point 1)

Move the pointer to side wise to set the radius and click again on your mouse to set the point 2.

solidworks centerpoint arc sketching step 3 start arc point and end point

Then move your pointer in clockwise direction to set the point 3. This way you can complete the centerpoint arc.

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SolidWorks Tutorial 5: How to Draw Tangent Arc

Tangent arc tool helps to draw an arc or curve profile tangent to the sketch entity. It only contains 2 points to setup. One is the start and other is end point. It is most useful tool if you want to draw tangent arc in your design drafting.

Step 1

Follow the same step 1 in the above center-point arc sketching tutorial.

Step 2

solidworks tangent arc sketching step 2

From the command manager, you can select the “Tangent arc” button.

Step 3

solidworks tangent arc sketching step-3

To draw a tangent arc, you need a sketch entity in your sketch area. Select the one end point of the sketch (set point 1) and drag to set another point (set point 2) which is shown in the figure (example). This way you can draw tangent arc in sketch drawing.

SolidWorks Tutorial 5: How to Draw 3 Point Arc

The 3 point arc tool helps to draw arc using 3 points.

Step 1

Follow the same step 1 in the center point tutorial.

Step 2

solidworks 3 point arc sketching step-2

From the command manager, you can select the “3 Point Arc” button which is shown in the figure.


Step 3

solidworks 3 point arc sketching step-3

Select the 3 point arc button and drag your mouse pointer and set the start and end points. (Point 1 and Point 2). Then drag the pointer between point 1&2 to set the 3rd point of the arc.

Arc Tools Using Menubar

solidworks arc sketching tools from menubar

From solidworks menubar, select the “Tools” menu. From the drop down menu, select the “Sketch Entities” and also side drop down menu will appear. Here you can see the all sketch tools. The arc tools in the menu are marked with green color.

Tools menu -> Sketch entities -> Arc tools

Additional Info: Arc Property Manager

solidworks arc property manager menuThe property manager of arc sketching tools helps to adjust the dimensional and their positions in the X-Y axis or plane. Let us see the each components of the property manager menu.

Arc Type: In this section, you can select any arc type such as centerpoint, 3 point and tangent arc.

Existing Relations: If you select the each portion of the arc by using “select” tool, you can see the existing relations.

Add Relations: Using this section you can add additional relations with the existing one.

Options: If you want to make your rectangle under construction views, check the “For Construction” option.

Parameters: Here you set the dimension of your arc radius and arc angle. You can also adjust the XY position of your arc drawing.

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