Linear Pattern Features Tool Tutorial | SolidWorks Tutorials 32

Welcome to SolidWorks Tutorials for Beginners series and in this CAD tutorial you are going to see how to use the SolidWorks Linear Pattern features tool to create patterns of closed profile in extruded parts. This is like Sketch linear pattern tool,

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SolidWorks Exercises-2: Polygon and Extrude Boss

Polygon is having ‘n’ number of sides with equal length. To create different shapes just change number of sides only. Here you are going to see 3D triangular block, cube, pentagon, hexagon and octagon. You can set any number of sides to

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Polygon Sketching Tool_SolidWorks Tutorial 7

Do you know how to do polygon sketching in Solidworks? Polygon is contains line segments (edges) which forms a closed loop or circuit. Depends on the line segments numbers regular polygons are triangle (3 sides), quadrilateral (4 sides), pentagon (5 sides), hexagon

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