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Welcome to Solidworks Tutorials for beginners and in this Solidworks tutorial, you are going to see how to use solidworks Fillet feature tool in this CAD software. Fillet or filleting is not a new word for mechanical engineers or students. All of them must hear this word anywhere in 4 year graduation or in professional working places. Also you should hear Fillet in types of weld (Fillet weld) in welding process. If you didn’t get the idea, read the full Solidworks tutorial now. Then you will get knowledge of what is fillet, its uses and how to apply in solidworks CAD program. click here to see how to use solidworks sketch fillet tool

solidworks fillet application of fillet design part example final

What is SolidWorks Fillet Feature?

SolidWorks Fillet is feature tool which is used to rounding of interior or external face along with one or more edges of your design. This feature tool is located in Features Command manager or you can also access from the “Features” section in the Insert Menubar. The radius of fillet or round radius is deciding the amount of filleting in the design part. If you are do fillet in the external edges along with one or more corners, the filleted section will be in convex shape and concave for internal filleting.

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The applications of Filleting used in engineering are reducing the stress concentration effect in mechanical load bearing component (rounding smoothness the flow of stress lines), reducing the interference drag in aerodynamics, to creating smooth edges to equipment parts to reduce the injuries to workers and used in mold design in manufacturing industry. To know more see the wiki page

In SolidWorks CAD program, Fillet property manager contains types of fillet are Constant radius, variable radius, face fillet and full round fillet. In this tutorial post, you will see each of the fillet options in detail.

Different SolidWorks Fillet Types Tutorials

  1. How to Use SolidWorks Fillet Constant Radius Tool
  2. How to Use SolidWorks Fillet Variable Radius Tool
  3. How to Use SolidWorks Face Fillet Tool
  4. How to Use SolidWorks Full Round Fillet

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